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Under The Falling Skies


Alternate Universe - Historical, Drama, Romance, Gladiator Dean, Noble Castiel, Past Lives, Reincarnation, Castiel was a dick, Now it’s Dean’s time to be a dick, Top Dean, Bottom Castiel, Bottom Dean, Top Castiel, Blowjobs, Humiliation, Castiel is Dean’s boy toy, Captured Castiel, Prisoner Castiel, Karma is a bitch, Groping, dub-con, Spanking.


"So, Dean," the king clears his throat, looking at the barbarian who’s eating a chicken leg and scratching his belly with a contented face. "To end this conflict, I am offering you to marry one of my daughters, so we could become allies and good friends. Choose whichever you want." The king gestures at his three daughters, the maidens of rare beauty.

Dean belches aloud and smacks his belly, causing loud laughter among his warriors. He takes a good look at the princesses, shifting his gaze from one to the other.

"I appreciate your offer king Uldred and I will accept it. Though, I don’t want any of your daughters." Dean grins widely.

"I don’t understand," the king frowns.

"I want him," Dean points at the young prince with his gnawed chicken’s leg. "I’ll have Castiel."

Excerpt from chapter 11

"I want Uldred, his wife and Castiel to be murdered! But I want you to torture Castiel first and make his father watch it! Let him experience all the bitterness and despair he made us go through! Promise me, Azazel that you will avenge our son! That the king will suffer and you will kill his family!" Lilith screams in the face of her husband.

"I swear to Gods, I will not rest until Uldred pays for everything!" Azazel wipes the tears off of his face with a trembling hand.

"We will need allies. Good, strong allies," Lilith gesticulates fervently. "You have no allies currently. And no one will help us after they hear about the reinforcement sent to Veermons. They will hide even more now, like cowardly rats. You must find new allies, do you hear me?"

"It’s not that easy. As you said, they will be afraid to turn their backs on Uldred. I don’t know where to seek allies, Lilith." The man sighs deeply, feeling the weight of the situation.

"You don’t know where to seek allies? I know." The woman says proudly. 

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